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Our chiropractic technologies

We treat a wide range of conditions including sciatica, slipped discs, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome and degenerative disc disease. With the many advanced, cutting-edge tools we have available, we’re sure to find a solution that works for you.


    Traditional manual therapies can be a daunting experience and may not be to everybody's liking, for this reason our shockwave therapy machine allows us to treat a multitude of problems from spinal misalignments, joint stiffness and muscular stiffness to strains in a safe, effective and virtually pain free way.
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    Injuries, chronic pain or degenerative conditions can have a huge impact on our ability to perform simple daily activities, especially where these have persisted over a long period of time.
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    Between the vertebras of the spine there is delicate disc material, which helps to cushion your spine from the impact of daily activities such as walking, turning, sitting or lifting.
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